Jack LaLanne Healthy Innovations

Jack's Mission:

To Help People Help Themselves

Who is Jack?

Known as the Godfather of Fitness, Jack attended Oakland Chiropractic College and opened the first Modern Health Spa. Through his Jack LaLanne TV™ program, the fitness icon educated millions of Americans on how to live a life of health and fitness.

Jack's Television Message Spread Like Wildfire.

Reaching millions, America soon got the message of “Get off your seat and on to your feet.” Jack LaLanne believed in daily exercise and proper diet.

“My workout is my obligation to life.”

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"Jack knew the values of exercise and nutrition before it became fashionable."

-Clint Eastwood

"Jack LaLanne was thirty years ahead of his time. He is truly the terminator of unhealthy living. He posses the secret formula for the fountain of youth."

-Arnold Schwarzenegger